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What it’s like for me upon listening to Prem Rawat in person

Mitch Ditkoff
2 min readJan 14


Global Peace Ambassador, Master Storyteller and Best Selling Author, Prem Rawat

I’m sure there was a time back in the Garden of Eden before the biting of fruit, naming of lizard, and placing of fig leaf, when Adam turned to Eve or Eve turned to Adam and, in the delightful absence of language, greeting cards, or text messaging, found a simple way to communicate something real about their pristine experience of simply being alive.

Ever since those halcyon days, we’ve been trying to do the same — to express something basic, primal, and pure about what moves us and why we often linger in the gaze of another who lets us in just long enough to experience the blessing of being received, no strings attached.

It is into this space I find myself being transported upon listening to Prem Rawat — a space that continues expanding the moment he leaves the stage. He is gone and so am I — my body now a hologram, my heart a happy camper.

Stunned in my seat, I am completely still, infused, free, fulfilled, my blood a kind of overflowing champagne fizz.

I’m sure I could move if I wanted to, but I don’t want to. The desire to go anywhere has vanished. All I want to do is sit here and soak up the feeling forever. My name, my plans, the details of my life all seem like odd relics.

I am divine driftwood here, washed ashore, at peace, something a curious tourist might find on a sunny day.

I breathe. I bask in the light of an interior sun now made brighter by the one I have no words for. I follow my breath like the best man at his best friend’s wedding follows the dotted white line home after a night of endless celebration.

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