Draw a Breath, Not a Line

Life is much simpler than you think

Mitch Ditkoff


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Throughout history and even last Thursday, inner-directed people on the so-called “spiritual path”, have had a tendency to perceive the world as “maya” — the fancy Sanscrit name for “illusion.”

I used to feel this way a lot.

Back in the early days of my adolescent quest for meaning, I had a curious habit of drawing lines in the sand. On one side of the line was the “inner life” — the place where God lived (or if not lived, at least vacationed). On the other side of the line was “the world.” You know — the laughable detritus of life on planet Earth: shopping malls, money, politics, ego, relationships, organized religion, high school geometry, taxes, Frosted Flakes, and anything I didn’t understand, agree with, or like.

Somehow, it made me feel good to draw these lines — not unlike the way Democrat and Republican spin doctors strut their stuff on CNN after each political debate.

Well… I would like to take this early morning blogospheric moment to humbly apologize to all of those whose lives I somehow judged by my habitual line-drawing behavior.

I see things differently now — kind of like that old Zen story…

Two young monks, one fine day, found themselves existentially arguing over whether it was the wind or the flag that was moving. Unable to agree, they sought the counsel of their teacher.

“Master, oh Master” they asked, “is it the wind or the flag that is moving?”

“Neither,” the Master replied. “It’s your mind that is moving.”

And so, dear friends, if you find yourself judging anyone these days, including yourself, chill. It’s a total waste of time — especially when you could be enjoying the very thing you were born for.

Draw a breath, not a line.

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