Musings on Love

The soulmate you’ve been searching for lives inside of you

Mitch Ditkoff


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From what I can tell, most people somewhere along the line have had a lover — a person with whom their experience of life and themselves was profoundly enhanced. Somehow, in their lover’s presence (and yes, in their absence, too), everything seemed better, sweeter, and more alive.

The present moment was amplified. The past and future disappeared. Boundaries dissolved, worries faded away and great waves of unstoppable love were deeply felt.

Millions of poems have been written about this experience and when the experience ends, as it often does, thousands of blues songs have been written to fill the void.

Ultimately, human beings love love. We do. It moves us. It fuels us. It fills us with a feeling that always seems enough to live on. And when that someone special comes along, a person with whom the love we love can be more deeply felt, that someone becomes extremely precious to us.

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So much so, in fact, that there are times we cannot stop thinking about them. They occupy not only our hearts, but our minds, as well. Just the thought of them is enough to fan the flames of joy. We write them letters. We prepare for their arrival. We hold them in our gaze for as long as possible.

And yes, some of the lovers we have known become our life companions — husbands, wives, or soulmates — until their inevitable departure. Or ours. Some of these partnerships last a lifetime, long after the primal passions have ebbed and the body has declined, wild nights of lovemaking replaced by a peck on the cheek and a cup of hot tea.

These days, as I look back on my life, I am fascinated by the possibility that I can greet each day as if it was my lover — that, upon waking I can feel the same excitement to greet the day as I did to greet the one who was my earthly beloved.

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Mitch Ditkoff

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