The First 20 Amazon Reviews

Unspoken Word: Love Longing & Letting Go

Mitch Ditkoff
6 min readApr 25


Here are the first 20 Amazon reviews of my new book of poetry, Unspoken Word: Love Longing & Letting Go:

Truly Moving

“Mitch Ditkoff has been sharing poems from this incredible gem of a book at interfaith prayer services at Temple Israel of Catskill in Catskill, NY. Everyone has been so moved by his readings, that all the clergy representing various houses of worship have asked if they could use his poems in their services. These poems are truly beautiful in every way and especially in their ability to touch the human heart.” — Rabbi Zoe B. Zak

A Great Book of Poetry

“I keep this poetry book at my bedside and read a few every night.” — Amanda Austwick

Quantum Leap

“I’d been a fan of Mitch Ditkoff’s poetry for several years, so when Unspoken Word was released, I ordered it right away, expecting more of the same. To say I wasn’t disappointed would be accurate, but it would also be a colossal understatement. I devoured the first 15 poems like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. This was the same Mitch Ditkoff, but the poetry had soared to an entirely new plane. It wasn’t just the craft of writing poems that had advanced; it was the depth and focus, the palpable, serious passion behind every line. This was truly inspired art, and I recognized it right away. I’ve slowed down after that initial feast, savoring one or two a day, only because I know there’s only one first time for each of them. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” — Alan Roettinger

Opening to the World

“I am taking in these poems slowly, savoring them. They open me to my inner world — my inner lover — and we converse anew. There is a freshness of voice and a depth. Sometimes I smile. They are a nourishment to my life.” — Barbara Bash

A Wonderful Read

“This book is a treasure trove of wisdom, humor and inspiration…Enjoy!” — Debbie Leppla

Inspirational Poetry

“Unspoken word” is a gem of a poetry book. Ditkoff knows how to stir the pot of longing for an unending love within. Like Rumi’s writing, the poems in this book can be…



Mitch Ditkoff

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