The Mind Does Not Understand What the Heart Experiences

You can try translating it, of course, but it is just a translation

Mitch Ditkoff
2 min readFeb 20


As time rolls by and I continue noodling on this wonderful opportunity to live a conscious life, I am increasingly realizing that the mind has very little capacity to understand what the heart knows.

The heart experiences joy, gratitude, love, and the peace that passes all understanding while the mind, like some kind of over-caffeinated 11:00 news anchor with bad hair, tries to report what it thinks the heart has just experienced.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. No can do.

The mind does not have access to the realm of the heart, nor does it have the language, no matter how educated it may be.

And this, my friends, is one of the great plays of life — what Mark Twain once described as the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

All of us, at least once in our lives, have experienced the ineffable grandeur of existence —a moment of pure transcendence — even if the catalyst for what we experienced was completely different.

You may already know this, but trying tell anyone about your off-the-grid experience has a tendency to come up short.

It’s like they say “you had to be there.”

Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir and Mirabai made many noble efforts towards this end . And the afterglow of their divine poetry, centuries later, still sheds a powerful light.

But even that afterglow fades.

Which leaves us where?

The choice (and, hopefully, the ability) to abide in the heartland of what life is really all about. To experience the utter whoo hoo of the whole kit and kaboodle with simplicity, grace and mucho gratitude.

And then, to stay there, as best we can, no matter what.

And should we choose to lift our pen or open our mouth from this place of pure presence, may we do so in the way a child laughs, the full moon shines, and all of the great Masters since the beginning of time have taught without teaching.

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