“Unspoken Word” Sets World Record for Most Poetry Books Sold on Launch Day

This is my vision. Please help me make it come true

Mitch Ditkoff
1 min readApr 21, 2023

Greetings! Mitch Ditkoff here, author of “Unspoken Word” and writer of this Medium blog that you, oh sentient being, subscribe to.

If you have been enjoying my posts, there is a very good chance you will enjoy my just-published book of poetry — 100 poems that celebrate the universal quest for love, union and the human spirit.

Most poetry books sell about 100 copies, mostly to friends and family. I am attempting to sell 50,000 — not because of some entrepreneurial fantasy, but because I want to do my part to uplift, inspire and radically increase the odds of my fellow human beings diving deeper into the very best of who they are.

Today is launch day – the day I am inviting all my friends, fans and other fabuloso humanoids to buy the book. The cost? Less than four cappucinos, but the buzz will last a whole lot longer.

Buy it on Amazon

The book website

What ChatGBT has to say about my poetry



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