What a Good Educator Does

Evokes and inspires the inner thirst to know

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Prem Rawat: Best selling author, master storyteller and Global Peace Ambassador

“I don’t know you. I don’t know your name. But I do love you because you are a human being. That is sufficient for me to open up my heart and bring forth to you all that I know.” — Prem Rawat

When people ask me who Prem Rawat is, I usually describe him as an “educator”. Which makes me, I guess, his student — though he has no school, no curriculum, and no exams. What he does have is an extraordinary knack for accelerating a person’s education. About what? About life and how to get the most out of it.

A clue about Prem Rawat’s approach comes from the word itself.

“Education” comes from the Latin word “educare” — meaning “to bring out.” That’s what a good educator does — brings out, from the student, the desire to learn, the thirst to know.

A good educator does not stuff the student with facts, formulas, and information. A good educator unstuffs and helps remove the obstacles that get in the way of learning — then finds a way to encourage, inspire, and guide people to find out for themselves.

What Prem Rawat brings out of a human being is innate wisdom — direct contact with the inner experience of knowing or what some people refer to as “knowledge of the self.”

Here’s the paradox: Even though Prem Rawat teaches and has a lot to say, he’ll be the first to admit that what his message is about goes far beyond words — words, amazingly, that have been translated into more than 70 languages and are considered daily by thousands of people worldwide who pay no tuition, only attention.

Because what he teaches is free. Which makes perfect sense when you stop to consider that what he’s teaching is all about the fine art of becoming free.

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